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Why only white vans?
There are plenty of great outdoor advertising opportunities. We wanted to create something different and specialised and there are thousands of white vans!

Aren't White Van Drivers Rude?
No, it's just an urban myth. Studies like this one have shown white van man is actually considerate and he's also well respected by the emergency services as detailed in this report which says "Ambulance and fire appliance drivers have a very high regard for WVM. It is he, more than any other driver, who first notices the flashing lights and sirens and makes room for the vehicles to get through."

How will I know where my advert is being displayed?
All our drivers declare their usual routes and that's how we package the ads they display. We also install trackers on  the vans we use and provide you with a web based real time tracking service so you can see exactly where your advert has been and where it's currently working for you!


Advertiser Enquiry

Advertiser Enquiry

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  • From under £5 per day
  • Flexible packages
  • Web based reporting
  • Web based route tracking
  • 3 to 12 month plus campaigns
  • Environmentally friendly advertising!

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